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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Miami Dolphins Select EWU RB Taiwan Jones - Entry 6

Taiwan Jones is officially on my man crush list after I watched some of his highlights at Eastern Washington University. He's 6'0, 194 pounds ran a 4.29 - 40 and can catch the ball out of the backfield. 

Taiwan Jones 2010 Season:
12 G | 221 Rush | 1742 Yds | 7.9 Yds/Rush | 14 TD | 24 Rec | 342 Yds | 3 TD
compare that to Alabama RB Mark Ingram's 2009 Season:

14 G | 271 Rush | 1658 Yds | 6.1 Yds/ Rush | 17 TD | 32 Rec | 334 Yds | 3 TD

In 2009 Ingram was the Heisman Trophy winner (I still think Ndamakong Suh should have won). In 2010 Jones surpassed all his rushing stats besides touchdowns in two less games. The kid can flat out play football. I understand Ingram played in the SEC where as Jones didn't even play at an FBS school. Still, you can't deny the talent Jones has. I'm not saying that an NFL team should take Jones over Ingram because I personally do believe that Ingram is the more NFL ready RB. Just don't be surprised in two or three years when Jones is running through guys at the next level.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Florida Marlins vs Pittsburgh Pirates - Entry 5

$21.00 a ticket for front row!

My dad and I just bought our tickets for tonights game. I am in awe we were able to get FRONT ROW tickets for $21 a piece! I mean I know that south Florida has pretty much quit on baseball, but that is dirt cheap! I'll write more to this later, expect my thoughts on the game and some thoughts on this team later tonight. Also pictures from the game! See ya, go fish!
Look at all the fans!

There might have been 3,000 people in the stands tonight. Sad to see that people don't turn out for the Marlins. I mean, we have been competitive just about every year. If they think a new stadium in Miami is going to solve this they are wrong.
Our seats

Leo Nunez would never talk to fans the whole game instead of cheering on his teammates!... Who am I kidding he saved the game, keep talking Leo!

Leaving, bottom of the 8th
Marlins were up 6-0 at this point, figured we would get out of there and beat the "rush".

Final Thoughts on Pirates vs Marlins 4-20-11:

  • Marlins played great defense the whole night. Highlighted by Hanley's diving stop and one kneed throw to first to record an out.
  • The turning point of the game had to be the four pitch walk Charlie Morton gave up to Ricky Nolasco in the 2nd inning that loaded the bases up. 
  • Nolasco pitched an excellent game and leaded the Fish to a consecutive shut-out victory for the first time since July 17 and 18 of last season. 

    Hitting the Restart Button - Entry 4

    Whats up no one! I got in contact with Steve Kyler ( @stevekylerNBA ) through twitter yesterday. Kyler is the editor and publisher of HOOPSWORLD. He gave me his email and I sent him something along the lines of "HELP ME!". He responded with some very insightful words on how to run this blog. The main thing he said is "find your niche, know what your good at and do it." So that's going to be the plan from here on out. The focus is going to be on the story not so much my opinion of it. Everyone does opinions so if I really want to get noticed I have to change the way I've been writing and separate myself from the everyday blogger . My plan from here is to almost analyze games, trades, teams, just about everything. It's going to be analysis first, opinion second. I like the idea of Power Rankings, that's definitely something that will be coming in the immediate future. So, as I wrote in the title I'm hitting the restart button. *Click*


    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Blake Griffin's Game - Entry 3

    Heres Blake Griffin:

    That was Blake Griffin...WOW.


    I LOVED the Perkins trade! - Entry 2

    This post is going to be all about the Perkins trade. First and foremost I am a firm believer that if Perk didn't go down in the fourth quarter of the Finals last year banner 18 would be hanging in the Garden. He exhibited what it was to be a Celtic. Perk was selfless and loved to play D, however I loved the trade. Everyone in the media is saying "Celtics just lost their title hopes" and "He was their defense". Honestly, I am 100% for the trade. Perk was a great low post defender and let's face it, the best shot blocker on the team. However without him the Celtics are now doing center by committee. We have three seven footers subbing in and out with the O'Neal's and Kristic along with Big Baby and KG when we go small. We still have size down low, and in fact can open up the paint for Rondo and Pierce as Kristic can shoot much better then Perk. He demands a man on him from 10-18 ft.

    The second part of the trade brought Jeff Green to Bean town. He is a young player, with a post game and can shoot all the way to the 3 point line. In OKC he was playing more PF, but at 6' 8'' he really is more of a SF and thats where he has been utilized. He brings FLEXIBILITY to the team and allows the C's to do a lot more offensively. He has the ability to create his own shot and when subbed at PF can take bigger guys off the dribble and get in for a layup. The one knock on Green is his rebounding. At his height and with his athletic ability he should be getting around 6 rebounds a night, but since coming to Boston he has averaged half that at 3.3. Nonetheless I believe he will be a key member of the second unit throughout the playoffs and a vital member of this team in the future.


    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Quick Sports Background - Entry 1

    Hey readers...reader. Whatever. If you haven't already read the "About Me" section of this blog I primarily will be writing about sports. Since you are going to be reading MY opinion on things I figured you would like to know my background so you know I'm not just making brash; uneducated points. 

    We all have someone in our family with a sports obsession. That person in mine is my dad. He has been a season ticket holder for the Miami Dolphins since there first year in 66'. Everything around him is Dolphins from his license plate to the color on the walls in his office. His love for the team and game has been transfered down to me. I've worshiped the Miami Dolphins like a religion the last five years. I am just as obsessed as he his, when the Fins lose, I lose when they win, I win (07' was a tough year). That may be corny and sad, but its the truth!

    As I now reside in Massachusetts and no longer in South Florida I have adopted a love for basketball. As most of Boston is, I am a huge Celtics fan. I will admit I sort of hopped on the bandwagon in 08', but I have stuck with them since then and will continue to. Just something quick to say as a Celtics fan I LOVED the Perkins trade. I'll write about that in the next post I guess.

    Even though I am in Massachusetts I don't like the Red Sox. Instead of being a fan of the arguably greatest franchise in baseball I have remained loyal and still like the Florida Marlins. I have been a Marlins fan my entire life. I can remember getting tickets for when Dontrelle Willis was on the mound; kid was awesome. Those were the days when we had more than 20 fans in the stands. No matter how bad I want to like the Red Sox I just can't do it. We may not have the payroll the Sox have but hey two World Series Titles since 1993, not bad.

    I made this blog to spark debate and controversy. So all your thoughts and comments are extremely welcome. Thats just about it so spread the word and lets get this thing rolling!

    - BK