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Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Sports Background - Entry 1

Hey readers...reader. Whatever. If you haven't already read the "About Me" section of this blog I primarily will be writing about sports. Since you are going to be reading MY opinion on things I figured you would like to know my background so you know I'm not just making brash; uneducated points. 

We all have someone in our family with a sports obsession. That person in mine is my dad. He has been a season ticket holder for the Miami Dolphins since there first year in 66'. Everything around him is Dolphins from his license plate to the color on the walls in his office. His love for the team and game has been transfered down to me. I've worshiped the Miami Dolphins like a religion the last five years. I am just as obsessed as he his, when the Fins lose, I lose when they win, I win (07' was a tough year). That may be corny and sad, but its the truth!

As I now reside in Massachusetts and no longer in South Florida I have adopted a love for basketball. As most of Boston is, I am a huge Celtics fan. I will admit I sort of hopped on the bandwagon in 08', but I have stuck with them since then and will continue to. Just something quick to say as a Celtics fan I LOVED the Perkins trade. I'll write about that in the next post I guess.

Even though I am in Massachusetts I don't like the Red Sox. Instead of being a fan of the arguably greatest franchise in baseball I have remained loyal and still like the Florida Marlins. I have been a Marlins fan my entire life. I can remember getting tickets for when Dontrelle Willis was on the mound; kid was awesome. Those were the days when we had more than 20 fans in the stands. No matter how bad I want to like the Red Sox I just can't do it. We may not have the payroll the Sox have but hey two World Series Titles since 1993, not bad.

I made this blog to spark debate and controversy. So all your thoughts and comments are extremely welcome. Thats just about it so spread the word and lets get this thing rolling!

- BK


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