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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Florida Marlins vs Pittsburgh Pirates - Entry 5

$21.00 a ticket for front row!

My dad and I just bought our tickets for tonights game. I am in awe we were able to get FRONT ROW tickets for $21 a piece! I mean I know that south Florida has pretty much quit on baseball, but that is dirt cheap! I'll write more to this later, expect my thoughts on the game and some thoughts on this team later tonight. Also pictures from the game! See ya, go fish!
Look at all the fans!

There might have been 3,000 people in the stands tonight. Sad to see that people don't turn out for the Marlins. I mean, we have been competitive just about every year. If they think a new stadium in Miami is going to solve this they are wrong.
Our seats

Leo Nunez would never talk to fans the whole game instead of cheering on his teammates!... Who am I kidding he saved the game, keep talking Leo!

Leaving, bottom of the 8th
Marlins were up 6-0 at this point, figured we would get out of there and beat the "rush".

Final Thoughts on Pirates vs Marlins 4-20-11:

  • Marlins played great defense the whole night. Highlighted by Hanley's diving stop and one kneed throw to first to record an out.
  • The turning point of the game had to be the four pitch walk Charlie Morton gave up to Ricky Nolasco in the 2nd inning that loaded the bases up. 
  • Nolasco pitched an excellent game and leaded the Fish to a consecutive shut-out victory for the first time since July 17 and 18 of last season. 


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