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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hitting the Restart Button - Entry 4

Whats up no one! I got in contact with Steve Kyler ( @stevekylerNBA ) through twitter yesterday. Kyler is the editor and publisher of HOOPSWORLD. He gave me his email and I sent him something along the lines of "HELP ME!". He responded with some very insightful words on how to run this blog. The main thing he said is "find your niche, know what your good at and do it." So that's going to be the plan from here on out. The focus is going to be on the story not so much my opinion of it. Everyone does opinions so if I really want to get noticed I have to change the way I've been writing and separate myself from the everyday blogger . My plan from here is to almost analyze games, trades, teams, just about everything. It's going to be analysis first, opinion second. I like the idea of Power Rankings, that's definitely something that will be coming in the immediate future. So, as I wrote in the title I'm hitting the restart button. *Click*



shelby h.k. said...

Good points! Just remember to be objective in your analyses!

Blog looks great, glad you started it up again!


Brandon said...

thanks still though I cant help but feel this will go NO WHERE..

Brandon said...

this is fun even for just me though so I think ill continue... any ideas where I can have a custom background or make my own...i got time and really wanna personalize this instead of using the generic theme

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